It's been a year, soulmate

Dear soulmate, 

a year ago I woke up in the morning, got out of bed. I had a cigarette and a cup of coffee as I always do and I was ready to leave the house and go to work. I was still living with my mom so it took me an hour to get to work that time. I was sitting in the bus, listening to music to avoid hearing the people around me and the daily sounds that are surrounding us. I arrived at work, turned on my laptop and started to get things done. I didn’t know at this point that this will be one of the most important days of my life. As my day passes, my coffee count goes up and I’m having a few cigarettes while I’m working. And as I thought it’s been just a normal day, you came in my life. 

I still remember the conversation we had. You added me drunk on Snapchat that day and you told me you didn’t know where you were. I was instinctively worried about you. But why? I could have cared less if we’re honest, you were a stranger at this moment. But I felt the immediate connection to you and it felt like I’ve known you a lifetime pretty soon. We talked about art and business and I loved the way you look at things. And… you stole the cheese. (I will never ever forget that). 

Let’s be honest, this year was fucking wild. A lot of ups and downs in your life, in my life, in our whole relationship. We had the best conversations, the most amazing moments, I had the best laughs with you. I enjoyed every single second that I was able to spend with you. I’m thinking about all those sleepless nights that I took on me just for talking to you. Do you remember the first call we had? It was pretty late for me and I was nervous as hell but also so excited to actually talk with you. I had to whisper because it was the middle of the night but you didn’t mind that. As soon as you realized that I was getting sleepy, you started to tell me some stories of you. I fell asleep to your voice the first time and I got addicted to that. You listened a little while to me when I fell asleep. Your voice sounds like home and it’s the most beautiful sound to me. It has always been. I loved your voice from the very first time I heard it. 

Whenever I missed you, I watched your TikTok videos or looked at the images I had of you and I have to be honest, I’m still doing that.

We had to get to know each other and sometimes we miserably failed. We broke each other more than just once but we survived every bad thing that was happening. We’re a fucking strong team. I feel more connected to you with every obstacle we master together and sure, there were tons of bad times but looking back at it I think we needed that to become as strong connected as we are right now. I mean look at us… nothing on this planet can kill us or this relationship. It’s truly amazing. I know for a fact that those next years will be absolutely our years and I’m looking forward to be with you and spend those years with you. I’m excited that this year will be the one where we’re finally together for the first time. The last year was a year of soulmate communication, this year is going to be the year of soulmate feeling. I can’t wait to feel your closeness and every part of your body. Being able to look into your eyes, holding your face, kissing you all over, cuddling with you, resting my head on your shoulder, sleeping with you, holding your hand, hugging you… so many exciting things are waiting for us. We have many successes to celebrate, one of the biggest will be our reunion. The two soulmates who finally have each other.

With this note I want to tell you that I love you dearly. Yes, you’re the first man in my life and my first love but you’ll be that for the rest of my life. You’re literally perfect in my eyes. You got it all and I already decided that you are the one I want to say “Yes I do” one day. I’m not joking when I say I want to be with you forever. I do see us in our own home. No matter if it’s a house or just a small apartment in the beginning. We’ll have a place full of love and happiness. A place where you’re looking forward to come home each day. A place where we can let ourselves fall. A place where we can love each other without interruptions all day long. We’ll have an amazing home. And we’ll have an amazing life together. 

I love you so very much and I can’t even describe how you enlighten every single day of mine. A year ago I had no clue, but it was in fact the best day of my life. It was the day my soulmate found me. 

I love you. ♥♥♥
I love you. ♥♥♥
I love you.

– your cupcake and soulmate, Sarah

And in case you forgot how perfect you are to me: 

110 reasons why Dennis is the best

  1. He’s a very loving man.
  2. He’s adorable and even more adorable when sleepy.
  3. Has the best smile that lets my heart melt every time.
  4. He’s working soooooooo hard! (You’re doing a great job I’m always so proud of you babe!) 
  5. His whispers give me goosebumps. 
  6. Has very soft looking lips. (I’d genuinely die for kissing you) 
  7. He’s so goddamn smart. It’s incredible and very very attractive. 
  8. Has a little vein by his eye. Looks really cute, I want to kiss it.
  9. Has such beautiful facial features. (I’m obsessed with looking at you.)
  10. He thinks in terms of solutions. His train of thought fascinates me every time.
  11. He’s a very good listener. I feel cared for when he listens to me.
  12. Has an amazing taste in music. Thankful for the music you introduced me to. (Our playlist is what I’m listening to the most.)
  13. He’s talking with me a lot. Makes me feel loved, heard and cared for. 
  14. A very skilled man who builds things with ease. (That’s so impressive to me!)
  15. Looks really really hot.  
  16. Eats sweets for breakfast. This man is living my dream. 
  17. Has a good taste in clothes. (I miss the outfit photos)
  18. Gives me so many compliments, I’m blushing sometimes. 
  19. Has a great sense of humor. Seriously, I love it. 
  20. Has the sweetest looks when we’re on FaceTime. (Adorable!!!) 
  21. Spends hours and hours with telling me how much he loves me. (I love you so so so much baby!) 
  22. He knows that I’m having sensitive times sometimes but he still loves me. 
  23. His voice is literally the best and sweetest sound to me. It’s so calming. 
  24. He’s my soulmate and never hesitates on letting me know I’m his soulmate.
  25. He’s so passionate. 
  26. Talks about our future and talks about a life together with me. 
  27. Says he will love me forever. (I love you forever) 
  28. Has the most beautiful eyes. (I want to stare at them and forget the whole world around us) 
  29. Looks so stunning shaved and unshaved. 
  30. Makes me feel very very special. 
  31. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I just woke up and look kinda messy. 
  32. Has wonderful hair. (I’d love to play with it)
  33. Is here to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. Also provides solutions when I’m overwhelmed.
  34. Includes me in his life, even with a big distance between us.
  35. Wants to play video games with me just because I like them. (I know you don’t like them, I really really appreciate that)
  36. Says “okiedokie” really really sweet.
  37. He’s so good at explaining and never fails to explain things until I understand them. 
  38. He’s not making fun of me for not understanding or knowing things sometimes.
  39. He’s effortlessly gorgeous. (You’re my gorgeous baby) 
  40. He talks really lovingly with me. 
  41. He’s very organized. (I could learn that a little from you haha) 
  42. I can enjoy silence with him. 
  43. I can also talk for hours with him. (I’d love to talk with you forever.) 
  44. He always makes sure I get a “good morning soulmate” and a “good night soulmate” message. (With those I can start and end my day completely.)
  45. He calls me cute and beautiful with and without make up. 
  46. He is here to support me and my art.
  47. He’s my #1 fan when it comes to art. (Makes me feel great every time you say you love my art) 
  48. He’s so brave and not afraid of change. 
  49. His presence is the most amazing thing. I love having him around (even if it’s just on FaceTime, I love when you’re here) 
  50. We’re having amazing and deep conversations that are full of our thoughts and views. (I love seeing and understanding your view on things) 
  51. He inspires me every day. 
  52. He makes me smile every single day. 
  53. He’s willing to learn new things and listens to me when I explain something from my art. 
  54. He gives me the feeling that I can discover new things with him. 
  55. He doesn’t hesitate on spending his time with me. (I value every single second that I can spend with you) 
  56. He’s a very romantic and sweet man. 
  57. Has a very kissable neck. (I want to leave some marks on it) 
  58. He keeps me motivated and cheers me on.
  59. Love good smells like lavender. 
  60. He is happy for me and celebrate my successes as well. (You want to see me win and so do I! I want to see you win and I’m proud of every little and big success of yours!) 
  61. He says he’s proud that I’m all his. (Makes me feel super special!)
  62. He has a very good looking body (I’d love to see it more) 
  63. It’s important to him that I’m happy (and it’s important to me that you are happy baby!) 
  64. He lets me know he’s waiting to talk to me again (always gives me a big smile) 
  65. He is so poetic and good with words. (I absolutely adore that) 
  66. I can have really good and intellectual debates with him. 
  67. He is open minded and always open for new views and perspectives.
  68. He’s not judging me for anything at all. 
  69. He loves me and calls me perfect with all my flaws. (I love you and you’re perfect in my eyes.)
  70. He tells me he can’t wait to be by my side. (I can’t wait for that either!!!) 
  71. He’s planning a future with me with a house and a garden somewhere nice. (It’s amazing to me to think about our future home) 
  72. He lets me know when he’s missing me. (When you read that, I’m missing you in this moment as I’m writing this) 
  73. He sends me sweet images and videos when I’m asleep. 
  74. He saves a lot of images of me. (Makes me feel super adored) 
  75. Wants to be better at things and healthy. (Your willpower is incredible!) 
  76. He has such cute ears. (I want to nibble on them) 
  77. He makes me horny a lot. (I’d love to have you already here for all the fun) 
  78. He is still amazed by me and tells me that I’m cute. (We both know you’re the real cutie hehe) 
  79. He drinks coffee and have smokeys with me. (I love drinking coffee and having smokeys with you.) 
  80. He shows me the things he likes and let me be a part of it. (I absolutely love that!)
  81. He says that he’s lucky to have me. 
  82. He calls me his cupcake. (That’s the best thing for me and it still makes me feel so loved) 
  83. He loves to make me and see me smile. (I love that too!)
  84. He is so very patient with me. (I appreciate this a lot.) 
  85. He accepts me the way I am and doesn’t try to change me. (Same goes for you baby. I love you exactly how you are.) 
  86. He is so so thoughtful. 
  87. He makes sure I feel safe and comfortable in any situation. 
  88. He’s willing to grow together and work on raising issues as a team. 
  89. I can talk with him about literally everything. (I love that) 
  90. He lets me know that he sees what I do and that he appreciates it. 
  91. He wants to make art with me. (I’d die for that.) 
  92. I want to build things with him. (I’d also die for that.)
  93. He’s a very calm man with a gentle aura. 
  94. His soul is the most beautiful and precious thing that exists in this whole universe.
  95. He wants to take lavender baths with me. (I’m seriously looking forward to that.) 
  96. He says he wants to take care of me. (I want to take care of you as well baby.)
  97. He has tons of pillows and likes it comfy. (We’ll have it so comfy together)
  98. He tries new food and sweets. (I can’t wait to cook for you.) 
  99. He says he wants to hug me, kiss me, love me and be happy with me. (That’s exactly what I want) 
  100. His company is the best thing and I enjoy it so so so much. 
  101. He lets me feel all my emotions and validate them. 
  102. He can make really amazing music. (I adored what you showed me) 
  103. He won’t admit it but I know deep down he’s a little artist as well. 
  104. He tried and liked the smokes and sweets I enjoy. 
  105. He looks like an angel when he falls asleep. 
  106. His whole being is amazing and out of this world. He is perfect from head to toe. 
  107. He shares music with me and we watch videos together. (I feel so connected with you when we do this.)
  108. He’s so precious and so so so important to me. He absolutely has the highest priority for me. 
  109. He plans dates with me and gift me with his time and company. (I’m always super excited for our dates!) 
  110. He’s very structured and thinks very logically. (As a chaotic artist, I admire that)