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About me

Hello! My name is Sarah and I enjoy designing and developing things for the web. I’ve always been a creative soul however my school brought me into the technical aspects of the work I’m doing right now. With those two aspects I can build not only beautiful designs but also fully functionals too.

I collected some real life working experience in a social media agency and now my main focus is to help people improve their websites or online shops to get more sales and traffic to their site.

Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:


Design & development

You need a complete new website? Let me help you with the structure, the design and the programming. 

Website redesign

Give your website a whole new look and feel with putting the focus on the visual aesthetic, the user experience and the functionality.

Landing Page

No matter if it’s for a service, event or a product, we can make an amazing landingpage. I got you.

E-commerce solutions

Increase your traffic and sales with an online store through Shopify or WooCommerce.

Website maintenance

Improving your website & keeping it up-to-date and functional. 

Custom web applications

Unique web-solutions tailored for you.

Some things

I've designed & built

Landing Page

A minimalistic but playful design for a landing page
that offers web design and development courses.

E-commerce shop

A way to display a single product in an online shop. The bar on the left is going to change the color with the controller, depending on what the user selected.

A notes application

This is a design for a notes/todo web application. 
You log in and have a great overview about your notes and todos.


A web application where you can track your water and coffee intake very easily. It also comes with daily & monthly stats.

currently in development

The fridge

A web application that gives you recipes based on the items that are in your virtual fridge. No more „What can I cook today?“ questions with this application.

See more of my designs on my behance.

Want to

work together?

Feel free to reach out to me and we can start building an
awesome project together!